Bicycle Touring the World for Sustainability: Cape to Cape Tour

The Event


As Globetrotter, avid travel writer and freelance photographer I have recently completed my Bicycle Touring the World for Sustainability: Cape to Cape Tour. This expedition took me on a lengthy journey across my home country and half-way-around the world from Melbourne, Australia to the NW corner of Spain. Reluctantly with some assistance from trains, planes and ferries! A total distance of 14,000KM was made by bicycle.

The source of my inspiration all began in 2002 when I successfully completed a solo bicycle tour across the Australian continent from Melbourne to Darwin, covering a distance of 5000KM. During the challenging course of 90 days it became a trial test for me physically and mentally as preparation for my grander vision, the Cape to Cape Tour. In 2007 I self-published my travelogue of this tour – The Outback Bicycle Diaries, now available as a free PDF download. Pick up your free copy and enjoy my story from the comfort of your armchair!3 week diet reviews

In 2006 my expedition was endorsed by WaterAid Australia and in late 2007 I commenced fundraising for the NGO up until my return to Australia in mid 2009. This activity was a most rewarding experience and where I was able I focused some attention from my activity on this most worthy NGO. It is my hope, some time in the not to distant future, to assist others through my enjoyment of travel. You can still pledge your support to the NGO WaterAid by going to their web site: www.wateraid.org

The Bicycle

My objectives are to promote maximum use of the bicycle as a form of responsible and environmentally sustainable transport, one that has a minimal impact on the planet. During the course of the Cape to Cape Tour my number one mode of travel was on bicycle, assembled by one of my sponsors and through my own additional accessory expenditure. It was through the generous support of Dirt Works Australia Pty Ltd., and Brunswick Street Cycles who provided me with a discounted Surly – Long Haul Trucker bicycle and accessories. The use also of a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 internal hub gearing system was sought from Rohloff Australia.


Already I have gained some publicity from the Cape to Cape Tour, this being through a number of public presentations given on preliminary rides and during the course of my completed bicycle tour. I was fortunate to give one at WaterAid HQ in London on Friday 3rd July 2009, shortly before returning to Melbourne. Also at journeys end in Spain the newspaper The Voice of Galicia took interest by publishing an article on my long pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela from Australia. In Australia now I anticipate local bicycle magazines can enthusiastically take interest!

Cape to Cape for water